Monday, September 21, 2009

Wissota 100

180 cars on the track at one time...Pretty cool to see!

Sorry I forgot to post last week...It was hectic trying to pack and prepare for the 100, but we raced at Ogilvie Friday and Saturday (Sept. 11 & 12)and faired pretty well there. Friday he won both features, and Saturday took home the harvest cup trophy in the midwest mod, and was runner up in the A-mod to Danny Bayer! These results are from 2 weekends ago, but this past week at the Wissota 100, Danny took a nasty roll into the front stretch wall, and we are thankful that he turned out unharmed. I left with an uneasy feeling that night, as the announcer did a poor job of dealing with the situation. The things that were said and done, made me think that what I had just witnessed was the passing of a fellow racer. Thankfully we ran into a racer that was involved in the wreck, who saw Danny moving and talking! And Danny was even in attendance the rest of the weekend (watching, of course) :) Sunday, Sept. 13 Shane raced at Buffalo River in Glyndon and ended up 3rd in the mwm feature, and broke the A-mod in the heat.

Now, onto this past week's race event! The Annual Wissota 100 was held in Huron, SD this year, and gosh, 5 hours is just too far!! I guess I can't complain, cause I did get a 5 day vacation out of the deal!! It was a ton of fun, with the exception of the incident with the cops! No one went to jail, and I'd have to say, Huron has the nicest police department I've ever met! The weather was gorgeous every day, although a few days the sun came up a little early! All in all, it was a good week with great food, great drinks, and great friends!

It's kind of complicated to explain the format of racing, but I'll try my best. Wednesday was heat races, where Shane got 1st with the mwm, and 2nd with the A-mod. Then, was a qualifying feature where you needed to finish 12th or better to make the show. He finished 4th with the mwm, so was locked in, and finished 13th with the A-mod, so missed it by 1 position. The next day, Thursday was a heat race for the A-mod which he broke, so didn't make it in. Next up was a last chance for him to try and make it in with the A-mod. They took the top 2 competors, and Shane finished 3rd, so his week with the A-mod was over! Saturday was the main event for the Midwest Mod, and Shane ended up 8th.

Big Winners for the Wissota 100 were: Timmy Johnson in the Street Stocks, Travis Saurer in the Midwest Mods, Buzzy Adams in the Mods, Don Shaw in the Supers, AJ Diemel in the Late Models, and Justin Bjorklund in the Mod-4's!!! Congrats to All! I only watched a few classes in the Race of Champions, and the big winners were Timmy Johnson in the streets, Dan Ebert in the Midwest Mods, and Craig Thatcher in the Mods!!

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We definitely have to get together soon! I want to hear all about the 100...sounds interesting! We'll plan something soon.